Mac Update Change Detection

Website Change Detection

Track websites changes visually and get notified immediately when something looks different. We highlight all changes in a screenshot, so you can see instantly all mismatched areas of the website.
  • Monitor websites of competitors
  • Track webpage changes on your websites
  • Detect website changes after updates

Auto Change Detection

Automatically detect changes on any website you want and get notified when and what changed.

This is useful for

  • tracking changes on competitor websites
  • spotting changes on your own website
  • getting price updates of products
  • everything else you can think of

Update Change Detection

Take screenshots manually to see changes between the screenshots

This is useful to see changes after

  • installing website updates
  • making pagespeed optimization
  • doing any global website changes
  • everything else you can think of

Spot The Difference Instantly

You can check any website for changes in intervals, from every 15 minutes up to every 24 hours. You receive a notification when a difference has been found. Use this to keep track of clients and competitors or any other website.

When you make an update to your website or deploy new code, you want to be in control of your changes. By running the change detection, you will see precisely what has been modified between versions – for desktop and mobile. You can start the change detection manually when you are done with your work

Check The Change Detection

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Change Detection


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Perform website updates or other changes

Monitor Webpage Changes

Check Any Website For Changes

Check competitors websites

Your competitor has new products, new features or changed the prices? We check their websites in intervals and notify you on changes.

Track flight availability

Especially during Corona times flight plans change quickly. Track the availability of routes and get an alert if something changes.


Get Covid-19 updates

Get notified as soon as governments change restrictions caused by the Corona virus. Track websites which don’t offer newsletters to inform you about news.

Track vacancies

We send you an email as soon as a vacancy page changes. So you will be the first who can apply to a new job.

Real estate offers

Track new real estate offers and be the first who gets the updates.

Product price changes

Looking for the best deal? We notify you when the price changes. Don’t miss great deals on your desired products or services.

WordPress Plugin

We help you to make updates and changes on WordPress websites safer. See issues on your WordPress website before anyone else does and fix them.

When a change detection shows an error on your website, you can share it with your developer to show the issue. With a special link no login is needed.


WebChangeDetector Screenshot
Screenshot Sanna Says Blog
WP Mike Screenshot

WP Agency Feature

Are you updating websites for your clients? Let us detect changes of your client websites before and after the update.

Run the change detection for as many WordPress sites as you wish, with only two clicks — one before the updates, and one after.

Just install our plugin on the client website and connect it to your WebChangeDetector account. Here you can also add limits of pages for each website, if needed.


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