Visual Regression Tests
For WordPress Websites

Are you tired of the uncertainty that comes with WordPress updates for your client websites? Run a visual regression test on your WordPress webpages to make sure nothing broke.

Identify and fix issues

Solve problems after updates before anyone else see them.

Save Time

Don’t check webpages manually anymore, trying to find possible issues.

Increase Client Trust

Avoid the headaches of post-update issues which your client tells you.

#1 Visual Regression Checking For WordPress Agencies

Detect even the slightest alterations at pixel level, guaranteeing that your or your clients’ website retain their aesthetic charm even after updates.


Effortless Management with an Intuitive Dashboard

Manage multiple websites in one dashboard. Easily enable visual regression tests for URLs in the screen sizes desktop and mobile.


Features of Regression Testing with WebChangeDetector


Best screenshot quality

We have special algorithms in place to make sure that screenshots have the best quality possible. This lowers the false-positve detections and saves you time.

Share Comparison page with client

Every visual regression test comes with a public url which you can share with your coworker to fix things or with your client to show your professional work.

Synchronize WP website URLs

Don’t waste time with entering and updating URLs of WordPress websites for the regression test. Just sync all WP URls and select the ones you want to run the tests for.

Re-run regression test after fix

Something broke on the website and you fixed it. Wouldn’t it be nice to make sure it looks the same like before the updates? Just re-run the visual regression test and check the results again.

Check Desktop and Mobile screensize

Things might look perfect on your desktop after installing WordPress updates. But what about mobile screensizes? With WebChangeDetector you can easily test them too.

Run automated checks with alerts

Not only during updates things can break. There are many other reasons like PHP updates of the hoster which can make trouble. Check the websites automatically in intervals and get notifications as soon as someting changes.

What our clients say

I’m managing websites with over 300+ pages and tons of externally embedded forms etc and it’s simply impossible to manually keep track of every little issue that might occur after an update or user fault (quite often even something as important as forms go missing). Now I’m simply getting an email with an overview of what has changed on the site and it only takes me a few seconds to notice if something isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, so I can go directly to the relevant page and fix it.


I’ve been using this plugin for a while now and wouldn’t want to miss it. It works and helps to save both time and trouble. Updating my site is much less of a headache now.


Finally I’ve been searching for a tool like this for a long time. It works smoothly and is exactly what I was looking for. I would totally recommend webchangedetector to other people with websites!


Check your Visual Regression Test


Move the slider in the left half to compare before and after update screenshots.

The right half highlights all changes before and after the installing WordPress updates.

9.52 %
12/02/2024 15:35.09
12/02/2024 15:44.53
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